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Manic Dawn is the true story of my mercurial father, who suffered from a rare type of manic-depression that made him manic but not depressive, which got him into every kind of trouble imaginable. Manic Dawn is probably the most detailed exploration of the manic condition ever recorded in narrative nonfiction. It's a harrowing descent into madness, and a son’s uncommonly intimate portrait of a good man with a bad problem. 

Manic Dawn

The Strange Adventures

of a Mad Father

and a Loyal Son

The Cult

That Snapped

A Journey Into The Way International


The Cult That Snapped is the definitive exposé of what was once the second-largest cult in America. A personal story within a detailed history, this explosive true story is illuminated by interviews with former top leaders and women abused by men in positions of power.

I've written two books — okay, five, but two that are actually worth reading. Oddly enough they are both first-person true stories about things that most people would probably want to keep quiet. Manic Dawn is currently in search of a publisher, while The Cult That Snapped is self-published and for sale in softcover or e-book.

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